Headshot of Donnoa Young, Administrative Manager

Hello devoted HOV volunteers!

I am the new Administrative Manager, Donna Young.  I have been the Tuesday office volunteer with Heart of the Valley, since 2012.  So I hope my transition into this new role will be a smooth one.

Thank you Eleanor!

I would like to thank Eleanor for showing me how to continue the wonderful job she was doing.  We will miss seeing Eleanor, day-to-day in the office.  However she continues to help us with Special Projects, provides rides to our seniors, and answers our questions when they arise.

Our Office is Here to Help

I would like to office to be a bridge to help you, our wonderful volunteers, best communicate with our clients and truly enjoy helping them.  Please don’t hesitate to make suggestions or let us know how we might make things run more smoothly.  We can’t promise to institute everyone’s suggestions, but we will certainly listen.  Please call the office at (408) 241-1571 or email me at donna@servicesforseniors.org.

Using the Online Jobs Board

Our new online Volunteer Jobs Board has been great for some and not for others.  Here are some reasons why some of our volunteers love it!

  • They can better plan how they would like to help in the coming weeks
  • They have a nice history of who they helped and when
  • It’s fun to be able to see all the jobs available, instead of hearing about just one when the office calls
  • They can choose to sign up to do something different, like gardening for a client they enjoy
  • They don’t have to worry about writing information down, they can look at it from their Volunteer Portal
  • Their mileage records can be used for tax purposes

Change Can Be Scary

We value each and every one of our volunteers.  So if you need a little help getting started, we would be happy to provide additional help.  We even have fellow volunteers who would love to help you become comfortable with using the Volunteer Portal.  Just let our office know if that might interest you.

Keeping it Old School

We understand that some of you volunteers prefer the personal touch of getting a phone call about a service, and we are hoping to keep you busy too!  But if you have been waiting for our next call and it hasn’t come for a while, please give our office a call at (408) 241-1571 and remind us about the types of services that might interest you!

I look forward to working with all of you!   -Donna 🙂